Video: Coastal Adventures Host Cody Queen Blowing Things Up In Afghanistan

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Coastal Adventures, Football, Shows | 0 comments

If you listen to Coastal Adventures, you know that show host Cody Queen served in the Army.

What you might not know is how truly awesome what he did was.

Cody was a Sapper (Combat Engineer). So his main job was disposing of IEDs and other explosives.

The video below shows Cody in action. (You can hear him off screen)

Cody on the situation: “Found an IED on a route known for them. After setting up a quarantine, I detonated the IED via thermite.”


Cody calls “Fire in the hole!” x 3

You see the thermite grenade (Thermite: pyrotechnic composition that burns intensely when ignited) being tossed and igniting. (Small explosion)

The thermite ignites the IED. (Big explosion)

Bada** stuff.

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