Savannah FCA Student Athlete of the Month presented by Vaden Nissan Savannah: Jakolbe Holland-Duell

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Every month the Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes, in partnership with Vaden Nissan Savannah and ESPN Coastal, will choose a Student Athlete of the Month. When selecting the recipient, the FCA looks for someone who exemplifies their core values: Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.

This month’s recipient: Jakolbe Holland-Duell

School and Grade: Calvary Day School/ 12th

Sports and Positions Baketball – Point/ Shooting Guard

Favorite Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 31:6 

Favorite Food: Crab Legs

Interesting Fact: I’m very good at video games, mainly Madden and 2k.


  • As a student athlete that is focused on living out your faith on and off the field/court, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself? “The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is that I am a natural leader, but being a leader is harder than it sounds due to how vocal and positive you have to be.” 


  • As a high school student athlete, is it difficult to stay focused on your relationship with Jesus Christ? “At times it is because of how stressed you can get at times.” 


  • What are some things you do every day to make sure you stay focused on your relationship with Christ? “I make sure I pray every night before I go to sleep.” 


  • What is your involvement with FCA on campus, and how has FCA  helped you stay focused on your relationship with Christ. “As a FCA member you have to remain a positive role model. So being a positive role model on campus is my biggest involvement with FCA. This has helped me focus on my relationship with Christ, because being a positive role model is what Christ wants me to be.” 


  • It’s the last play of a game and the game is on the line.  You huddle up your teammates to motivate them. What do you say? “I would tell my teammates to remain calm, poised, and make the best play.” 


  • What are your plans after you graduate? “After graduation, I plan on going to to Georgia State to major in Nursing. As well as continue playing basketball at the intramural level or collegiate level.”

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