NFC Playoffs Madness

This has been a crazy year in the NFC and all who reside in it. Eagles have won the NFC east, the Vikings won the NFC north and the rest are almost set. One of two big games of the week is the Atlanta Falcons at the New Orleans Saints and the other is the Seattle Seahawks at the Dallas Cowboys.

To win the division the Hawks will need to win out and the Rams lose out. To earn a wild card spot they would have to win out and either the Saints, Falcons or Panthers lose out and Lions lose at least once. Seattle could also snatch up a wildcard spot if they won out and Panther and Saints lose out and Seattle would win the tie breaker over New Orleans and Carolina.

If you think that is crazy wait until you see what it will take for the Dallas Cowboys to make the playoffs. The easiest is is Detroit which is they win out and either Carolina or New Orleans to lose out plus either Dallas or Seattle to win out.

The Dallas Cowboys can only make a wildcard spot and not win the division since the Philadelphia Eagles have ran the table and took advantage of a weakened NFC east. Jerry Jones and his Cowboys lost 4 out of 6 games while their star running back Ezekiel Elliot was suspended. Zeke is back and the boys are read to try and make a run at the playoffs, but even with him back it will be a long shot. The first scenario would be Dallas winning out, Atlanta losing out and Detroit losing one of their remaining games. The second scenario is that the Cowboys of course would have to win out, the Saints lose out and the Lions lose once. Last scenario is Dallas winning out, Carolina and New Orleans both lose out.

Now the NFC south is a little easier to layout than the rest and their future looks a lot brighter than the others we discussed before. The Carolina Panthers are 10-4 and have beaten some of the best teams in the NFL and can get a playoff spot by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Christmas Eve.

The New Orleans are also 10-4 and lost to the Falcons in week 14 and need to beat them this week to get into the playoffs. Now Atlanta has had a crazy season and are sitting at 9-5 which makes the NFC south the best division in the NFL and the Falcons obviously need to win but the worst case scenario is that the Panthers beat the Bucs and they lose to the Saints. The Falcons would still have the wildcard spot over the rest of the NFC unless they lose their last game against the Carolina Panthers.

The NFL never disappoints when it comes to crazy, so do not count any of these teams out just yet.

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