Comparing SEC teams to Thanksgiving dishes

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Georgia – Dressing

They have all of the ingredients. They are well constructed. If we’re being honest, they’re the best thing on the table.

Alabama – Turkey

The standard. Everyone knows where they’ll be this time of the year. Much like when your uncle pulls the turkey out of the oven/frier, we’re still waiting to see the finished product.

Ole Miss – Apple Pie

Really fun. You know what you’re going to get. Always a good time, but there are better options out there. 

Mississippi State – Mac & Cheese

Much like Mike Leach in the SEC, mac and cheese on Thanksgiving is odd, but when it’s good it’s so dang good. 

Texas A&M – Deviled Eggs

When they’re good, they’re excellent. When they’re bad, they can make your stomach turn.

Kentucky – Mashed Potatoes 

Solid. Some years, when they have some gravy (Lynn Bowden, Benny Snell, etc), they absolutely slap. 

Missouri – Greenbean Casserole 

Not your favorite, but every now and then they absolutely hit. Especially when you add the crispy onions (beating Florida)

Arkansas – Sugar-glazed Ham

C’mon now.

South Carolina – Biscuits

You kind of forget they’re there, but when you get into ‘em, they’re really impressive.

Auburn – Cranberry Sauce

A staple on the table. Some people absolutely love them, but for the most part they’re pretty overrated.

LSU – Collard Greens

You always expect so much out of them, and sometimes they hit. For the most part, however, they leave a lot to be desired.

Florida – Whatever your younger cousin tried to cook for the first time

They had such great hopes at the beginning, but you can tell they kind of gave up halfway through.

Vanderbilt – Any vegetable not cooked in meat

They’re there.

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