Chark Attack!

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Football | 0 comments

Okay everyone is talking about the “Minshew Mustache” but no one is bringing up the guys surrounding him.

The talent has been there, but the QB position has been almost ghost like.

Gardener is coming off of a 374 yard game, and 164 of them yard went to DJ Chark.

You know, I have to give the ‘Stache his props ,and with pride say that he hasn’t thrown a pick since week 1.

Chark has not dropped a ball all season and is 5th in the league in yards. We all know DJ as the guy who ran the 40 in 4.34 seconds but he is more than just speed. Only thing I would try to improve is to get him more involved in the red zone since he only has 1 reception when they are at the last 20 yards.

Fournette leads the AFC in rushing yards, the Jags are finally firing on all cylinders and Chark has been one of the key pieces. 

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