“The Queen has Spoken” Blog Titans – Chiefs Playoffs

Cody Queen, ESPN Coastal Senior NFL Writer

Kansas City – The Kansas City Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans in what should be a very interesting match-up.

The Titans somehow somehow made their way into the playoffs because the AFC has just not produced this year like they did last year. KC has had an extremely weird, up and down season and I mean from winning against the Patriots, Eagles and a healthy Deshaun Watson’s Texans to not winning a game the whole month of November. That means the Chiefs lost to the Giants who have the second pick in the draft and the Jets who have the sixth pick.

The Titans beat the Jaguars twice but also couldn’t beat the Cardinals earlier in the year.

This isn’t the most attractive playoff game of the weekend, but it could be the last time you see Alex Smith in a Chiefs uniform.


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