“The Queen has Spoken” Blog Roquan Smith Doesn’t Report To Camp

Cody Queen, ESPN Coastal Senior NFL Writer

Chicago – Former Georgia Bulldog Roquan Smith did not show up for the first day of training camp with the Bears. Smith was drafted 8th overall after playing in the college national championship.

Smith is my pick for being the most productive and best player out of the 2018 NFL draft class. Smith did not show up to training camp with the rest of the first year players because he has not signed his rookie contract, yet.

He is not the only defensive rookie who has done this lately. Joey Bosa also famously held out and then proceeded to accumulate 10.5 sacks his first year and 12.5 sacks his 2nd.

Roquan Smith is the best linebacker in UGA history with 252 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and won the 2017 Butkus award. Pay this man his money and let him join the other 45 Bulldogs that play in the NFL.


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