“The Queen has Spoken” Blog Titans – Chiefs Playoffs

Cody Queen, ESPN Coastal Senior NFL Writer

This is the most anticipated game in week 2. The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the New England Patriots this Sunday. Last year this game was one the best all season with the Pats beating the Jags 24-20. Tom Brady threw 2 touchdowns in the last 9 minutes of the 4th quarter while Blake Bortles and company only scored a field goal at the beginning of the quarter.

Week 1 was just a glimpse of what the teams can do and is still too early to talk about if this game effect their playoffs chances. Blake “the snake” Bortles threw for 176 yards 1 touch down and 1 interception.

Bortles also earned his nickname “the snake” once again by slithering for 42 yards rushing. Leonard Fournette left the game with an apparent hamstring injury and if he stays out then the Jags will be in trouble. Tom Brady is still being Tom Brady and this Jacksonville defense will have their hands full this week. I am ready for this rematch and so is the rest of the world.


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