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5 Surprising Madden 19 Ratings

Cody Queen, ESPN Coastal Senior NFL Writer

A.J. Green overall rating 93 – Don’t get me wrong Green, is a very good wide receiver, but he has fallen short for a few years in a row. In 2017 he was 12th in receiving yards and having him above Larry Fitzgerald, who is apparently an 89, is absurd.

David Johnson overall rating 93 – Johnson had 1 good year in his 3 year career. His 3rd year he was injured the entire year. He was a very good player in 2016 so that just makes him better than Calais Campbell who is rated at a 92? David Johnson needs to be at an 89 until he can prove that 1 season wasn’t a fluke.

Drew Brees overall rating 91 – Some people might say that 91 is a good rating, but for the man who is about to pass the all-time passing record I don’t think so. Drew Brees had a completion percentage of 72 percent and threw for 4,334 yards. No other passer in the top 5 in passing yards was above 66 percent. Since joining the Saints in 2006, Brees has never thrown under 4,300 yards in a season. Give the man a higher rating.

Lavonte David overall rating 95 – David was a great linebacker in years past but the last 2 seasons he has not been a “great” player. He is known for being a tackling machine but hasn’t produced like he used to. David barely got to 101 tackles last year with no sacks or interceptions. He wasn’t even in the top 20 in tackling. The year before he only got 87 tackles but, had 5 sacks and 1 interception. Still not worth a 95, so put him in the low 90s or high 80s with Telvin Smith.

J.J. Watt overall rating 98 – The man hasn’t had a sack since week 2 in 2016. When Watt played he was a game-changer, but saying he will be a 98 after not being relevant for 2 years is absurd. I hope J.J. gets 20 sacks like he used to and I’m proven wrong. 98 is way too high even for the Hero of Houston.


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