“The Queen has Spoken” Blog Bills – Jaguars Playoffs

Cody Queen, ESPN Coastal Senior NFL Writer

Jacksonville – A game that will be probably the most watched wild card game being that the Bills haven’t been to the playoffs since their stating QB was 10 years old and Netflix was still a DVD by mail business.

The Jaguars have not been to the playoffs in 10 years led by Maurice Jones-Drew. Tyrod Taylor was benched for one bad game and it came to bite the Bills in the butt when rookie QB Nathan Peterman threw 5 interceptions instead of working with Taylor. If they just let Tyrod do what he does they should have a bright future and should just look into their couching more than their player situation.

The Jaguars have been hyped up all year long but can be good one week and be complete trash the next. Who knows what team we will see this week. I think Bortles is a good QB and can get it done when he has the weapons and he will need to bring it all to get a win in the playoffs.


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